More Details About Rossi’s October E-Cat Demonstration

As October gradually approaches people who have been looking forward to the the unveiling of Andrea Rossi’s first power plant are wondering what to expect at the public demonstration. Rossi has provided a few more details about his plans for the event.

Rossi received a question from Nobel Prize winning Physicist Brian Josephson who asked regarding the October demonstration,
“Will it be done in such a way that people are sure about the amount of water/steam coming out of the reactor, and how dry the steam is (which affects the heat content)?”

Rossi responded:

1-The 1 MW plant that we will start up in October will be tested, on behalf of our Customer, by very, very high level world class scientists. You are in the list, so please, if you want and you can, take free the last week of October.
2- The test will be witnessed by several very, very high level world class scientific journalists
3- The E-Cats we are working with now in our factories, which will be the modules of the 1 MW plant, are producing perfectly dry steam, mostly without energy input, as you will see yourself if you will honour us with your presence.

If Josephson, being a Nobel prize winner were to be part of the testing team it would surely lend some credence to Rossi’s claim, especially if there were other scientists of Josephson’s calibre. As far as the scientific journalists go, if Rossi is expecting to be covered in “important” scientific publications, he should hope to attract journalists from such word-famous publications as The New Scientist, Scientific American, Nature, The Economist, Time, Newsweek and major world newspapers and television channels. If only Web-based journalists and bloggers cover the event, I think there would be much less of a splash.

Ultimately, however, regardless of the journalists and scientists at the event, the products will do the talking and as Rossi has always contended, the validation will take place in the marketplace. Working plants that can provide useful power at a much reduced cost will not be able to be ignored.