The Burden of Andrea Rossi

As October approaches Andrea Rossi is as hard at work as ever. He has said more than once that to him, October is “tomorrow,” and he sounds like a man driven, trying to ensure that everything connected with the unveiling of his 1 MW E-Cat plant is perfectly in place.

He recently commented that in order to get everything accomplished in time he was going to have to increase his workday from sixteen to eighteen hours — meaning he would only have six hours of sleep per night. Numerous readers of his web site have urged Rossi to slow down, get enough rest, and even take a holiday; Rossi says that those things would be impossible right now because he has so much to do: “Is impossible to get rest, there is no time. October is tomorrow, I cannot make something less than perfect”

A particular burden he carries is that only he knows what is going on inside the reactor, and therefore there is much connected with his work that he cannot delegate. He has said that his goal is to have the plant ready by September 20th, after which, “From 20 Sept throug 10 oct I will use the plant closed doors, by myself, then it will be placed in the factort of the Customer, to be started officially within the end of october, after a further period of operation with closed doors.”

The situation sounds like something from a movie — an obsessed scientist who possesses a power that could change the world, and who is battling against time, and other forces to unleash it on the world. But in Rossi’s case it seems to be happening in the real world.

How long can he carry this burden alone? His goal appears to be to keep the secret to himself indefinitely, if possible. If this is the case, and if he truly does possess knowledge of a miraculous energy formula, his burden is only going increase. He will need an extremely robust physical and mental constitution to handle the pressure that will only increase over time. We wish him well.

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