Rossi: USA Partner Committed to Putting E-Cat to “Service of Mankind”

Ever since Andrea Rossi has started talking about his ‘big’ USA partner, there have been some observers who have expressed concern that the E-Cat will become the possession of corporate interests whose motivation will be to use this technology to maximize profits — or who may even be motivated to bury the technology and make sure it doesn’t interfere with ‘business as usual’.

Rossi, without naming the secret partner, has taken pains to reassure people following his work that the entity has the inclination and structure in place to ensure that this will not be the case. He has said recently:

“We are working with all our Partners to put this technology at the service of Mankind in the widest possible way. Now we have Partners able to do this. I hope in an exponential development.”

“Our USA Partner is a team of enlightened People who wants to put this technology at the service of Mankind, due to their cultural roots”

In reference to the ‘exponential development’ of this technology it appears that Rossi has a plan in place to rapidly expand production of the E-Cat. Asked if there were plans to build the reactor cores himself, Rossi responded:

“We have organized a dense chain of outsourching [outsourcing], in view of the massive orders. We already have the organization for the yearly production of 1.000 MW and already have organized the production for eventually raise to 2.000/year. Development will come with the market demand.”

Apparently then, Rossi and his partner (sometimes he says partners) have in place a plan to rapidly produce E-Cat power plants, and it sounds like the partner has the capacity to handle this very substantial workload. Whether things will go smoothly in this regard remains to be seen — one area where there could be scrutiny is from government regulators, especially when the term ‘nuclear reaction’ is involved. Getting the necessary regulatory approval could be difficult, and Rossi has not really addressed that issue publicly.

He does, however, sound committed to making sure that his technology is used for the benefit of the human race:

“Be sure and bet: the E-Cat technology will be put at the service of Mankind, first because our USA Partners have the necessary structure, second because my life is on these stakes.”