Rossi: 1 MW E-Cat Plant Has Been Sold to Customer

There have been numerous questions on Rossi’s site regarding the status of his work and how things are going to proceed over the next few months. this plant and the testing that will be done, and from recent comments on his blog, this is apparently the current situation:

  • 1 MW thermal power plant that is to be unveiled in October has been completed and sold to the undisclosed US-based customer and this plant will be delivered to the customer in October.
  • In October, “top” scientists will run tests on this full 1MW plant, as well as an individual small 4 kW unit(s), and “top” scientific journalists will be reporting on the testing.
  • The plant will provide power for the customer’s own use.
  • Rossi’s commercial strategy will commence in November and interested parties will need to work with Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation and/or Rossi’s commercial partner in the USA, Ampenergo.
  • After the October launch, Rossi will be continuing research and development work on the E-Cat with the University of Bologna

From Rossi’s perspective, Defkalion GT in Greece is out of the picture when it comes to commercializing the E-Cat (he has denied emphatically that there had been a reconciliation between the two parties), and apparently Rossi has filed a lawsuit against DGT.

According to Rossi the whole project is on time and on track; he recently stated, “all we promised will be done.”