Rossi on E-Cat Launch: It Will be “Idiot-Proof”

Andrea Rossi continues to comment on the upcoming October launch of the E-Cat which will take place somewhere in the USA, and a few more detail about the launch are emerging.

One thing that Rossi has emphasized is that the demonstration is being done on his (unknown) customer’s terms and so he’s not in a position to do everything that his readers are requesting. There have been suggestions that a few average members of the public be allowed to observe the test, but apparently only selected scientists and journalists will be present at the unveiling of the 1 MW plant. When he was asked whether the event would be televised, Rossi responded that it was his understanding that video of it would be put on Youtube.

Rossi has again addressed the issue of steam measurement, assuring that the demonstration will make very clear the quality of steam output is in accordance with his claims about the energy provided by the E-Cat:

“A report will be published regarding the test of our first industrial plant. Of course the instrumantation is fit for the purpose. The measure of the quality of the steam will be made by an “idiot proof system”, not because it is necessary ( what made in all our former tests was technically correct) but to avoid chatters from idiots. There are few, in the great People waiting for this event, but still there are, and I will answer, as usually, with facts to the chatters of snakes and clowns.”

In another thread, Rossi said regarding his critics,

“Snakes and Clowns: I never answer with chatters to chatters: I answer with facts; they will be annichilated by my plants”

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Apparently Rossi wants to provide a demonstration, and issue a report that will once and for all silence those critics who don’t think he has demonstrated energy output sufficiently. It also seems that he will take the advice of one of his recent readers who suggested he attach a water trap to the output end of the E-Cat. The reader said:

“A small and well insulated vase should be connected to the steam output.A float valve in the vase will open when water level builds up in it and let the water freely drip out to a bigger, graduated vase. The valve will close when the water ends, not to let the steam escape from the water drip. In the upper part of the water trap there will be the output hose connection, to let the water-free steam out.”

Rossi’s response: “OK, we will do also this.”

It does still seem that preparations are being made, and Rossi says he is working 16 hour days at the moment to get ready. There’s plenty of skepticism about all he claims to have, but also a lot of hope from people who are looking forward to finally seeing the technology he has been talking about for so long.