NyTeknik Releases Videos and Photos of Rossi’s 1 MW Power Plant and a New E-Cat Test

Image from NyTeknik

The Swedish technology magazine NyTeknik has released  a video and photographs taken by Mats Lewan of the 1 MW power plant that Andrea Rossi is planning to put in operation in the United States in October. The plant consists of 52 E-Cats, all connected, inside a steel shipping container. Apparently this is a new model of E-Cat which Rossi developed after consulting earlier this year with Swedish physicists Hanno Essen and Sven Kullander, and Japanese professor Hidetsugu Ikegami of the University of Osaka. According to Lewan this unit is currently being shipped to the United States.

Lewan also has produced a video of the testing of one of the E-Cat units which after preliminary testing he calculated the production of thermal energy of between about 3.5 and 8 kilowatts.  Only 2.6 kW of electrical power was input into the E-Cat. Lewan reports that for 35 minutes the E-Cat continued to produce steam with the electrical input turned off.

There will be doubtless be more discussion and analysis of this information over the coming days, and hopefully Rossi himself will provide some input on the details.