Mario Menichella’s Ebook, Secrets of E-Cat, Now Available (Press Release)

The following is a press release received from Mario Menichella, author of a newly available ebook — “Secrets of E-Cat”

It’s taken much longer that we expected, but the first English book on the E-Cat and his “secret catalyst” is finally available: it is “SECRETS OF E-CAT”, translation from the Italian “I segreti dell’E-Cat”, an essay which has been very successful, pushing the author to reach now a world audience.

The book is a sort of practical guide to build a Rossi-like cold fusion device: indeed, it goes into details about the setup of an E-Cat, the most plausible hypothesis regarding the catalyst, and so on. Of course, you have no a guaranteed success, but it represents a very good start in such direction.

In the second part of the book there is also a chapter entirely dedicated to the products of the nuclear reactions occurring inside an E-Cat, a chapter discussing their possible theoretical interpretation, and another on the control of radioactivity and dangerous emissions.

The author is Mario Menichella, scientific organizer of the Viareggio Cold Fusion Conference, held in Italy on July 23. He is a physicist with a Master in Science Communication, who worked at the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN). He has already published over a dozen popular books.

You can read more information about the book and its author here, where you are also free to download both index and preface to have a better idea of the contents. In the same page, the book is available as a pdf download for €7. We wish success also to the English version!