More Details on the Uppsala E-Cat on October 6th (Corrected Article)

Daniele Passerini’s blog 22 Passi d’amore e dintorni has an announcement from regarding an upcoming test that he will carry out on one of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cats. (NOTE: The following quotation is attributed by Passerini to Dr. Brian Josephson, but according to another source, it is a quote from an invitation TO Dr. Josephson from Dr. Guiseppe Levi of the University of Bologna)

On October 6th we will have the opportunity to make a long (more then 12 hours) of testing one of the modules of the RC 1 MW generator. The module will be Opened to us and we will have the opportunity to verify weights and volumes of the internal components. Heat measurements will be done at condensing the steam produced in heat exchanger and a secondary circuit where no water will be vaporized. This is NOT an official test of the University of Bologna Because the contract is not active yet.

It’s no clear from this announcement where this testing will be taking place, but presumably it will be done in Uppsala, Sweden where Rossi has announced that testing will be taking place in October. Regarding this testing, Andrea Rossi stated:

The measurement of energy will not therefore be made on the steam, to avoid all the issues concerning  the quality of the steam, but the measurements of energy will be made on the delta T of the water of the secondary circuit heated by the steam! This way, the amount of energy produced will be calculated  in an undisputable way. The steam runs in a primary circuit, which is a closed loop, where  the steam is condensed after exchanging  heat with the water of the secondary circuit, which will  never evaporate. Therefore, the energy is calculated on the base of the delta T of the heated water and its flow rate, indipendently from the temperature of the steam, that does not enter in the energy calculation parameters.

From this statement it is clear that Rossi is trying his best to nullify the ‘wet steam’ issue that many people have been speculating on after analyzing videos of the E-Cat that were released earlier this summer.