Test on E-Cat Will Be Conducted on Oct 6th in Bologna, Italy with Invited Academics

Daniele Passarini has posted a copy of a letter sent by Dr. Franco Sicogna to the European Patent Office inviting representatives to attend a demonstration of one of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat modules. The letter reads in part:

“With reference to the subject-matter of the application in re, we wish to inform you that an experiment run by the inventor, Mr. Andrea Rossi on a module of a 1MW plant will take place on October 6th, 2011 in Bologna (IT) in a laboratory made available by the University of Bologna.

“This experiment will be attended by professors from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, as well as professors in Physics from the USA, China, Japan, France, Great Britain, Greece, Russia and Italy. An official report will be published and made available on the Internet at a later date.”

There is certainly an air of confidence about this whole event — it would be very foolhardy to invite experts in physics to an event like this, as well as patent inspectors, if there was a chance that it would not work.

There’s no mention here of an experiment in Uppsala, Sweden which Rossi has been talking about. Perhaps there is private testing going on there, or maybe there’s been a change of plans, but regardless, it looks like with such an invitation sent out this Bologna event is set in stone; there’s no going back now!