If the E-Cat is Real . . . (You Predict)

As October begins the attention of many is turning Rossiwards. Some are already convinced of the validity of Rossi’s E-Cat claims, while others are firmly skeptical. Hopefully it won’t be long before we know which of these camps is right. There are announced events coming up which should prove to convince many uncertain observers one way or another whether Rossi has truly discovered a breakthrough technology.

So while we are waiting for reports from these tests, I thought it might be fun and perhaps informative to ask this question, and see what predictions people came up with:

What if the E-Cat is Real? That is, if as Rossi claims, it really does produce useful energy in a newly discovered way that is far cheaper than anything discovered to date.

I will kick off with some short predictions, and then throw the floor open to anyone who cares to offer other responses (use the comment box). As answers come in, I’ll update the post. Let’s try and keep our predictions reasonably short term, I’d like to review these predictions a year from now and see which were accurate — this is just for a bit of fun — no one will be shamed if they are wrong!

1. Academic textbook publishers will get busy printing new editions.
2. Sculptors and street sign makers will be busy making Rossi statues and streetnames.
3. Oil boomtowns in the US and Canada will see sharp reversals of fortune within a year.
4. Gasoline prices will see a sharp decline within a few months.
5. Railroad freight will drop significantly with the decrease of coal shipments to power stations.
6. The US Congress will hold hearings on the safety of the E-Cat.
7. Wind farm and solar plant projects around the world will shut down.
8. At least fifty new books about the E-Cat will be available on Amazon.com
9. The E-Cat will be featured in political campaign ads.
10. Andrea Rossi will visit the White House.