Italian Science Magazine Focus Announces Upcoming Presence at E-Cat Test, Creates Forum for Reader Questions

Focus, the Italian science magazine has been invited to be present at the October 6th test of an E-Cat module that will be carried out by Andrea Rossi. The magazine posted the following announcement today:

Thursday, October 6 at Bologna began testing a new E-Cat: will be present to document the event with photos, videos and interviews. The test will be conducted by Rossi on one of the local EFA (the family business) in the presence of “nuclear physics” – according to Rossi’s own statements. Wanting to go into the field of hypotheses we can say that will probably present Mauro Villa, University of Bologna (but the test is not attributable to the university) and in all probability there will be no physical Brian Josephson, whose presence seemed to some a few days ago. The test will begin at midday, and the program should continue until late at night. According to Rossi said, will be very similar to the last test performed with the Swedish NyTeknik except for the fact that the thermal measurements will be taken on a secondary circuit where the water will not be vaporized, to allow you to “read” better efficiency of the system. In addition to will be present to document the event for Matts Lewan NyTeknik and Daniel Passerini . Send questions to ask the same day, during interviews with Rossi and the present, you can use the forum for test of October 6 or e-mail [email protected] .

(This is a Google translation from the Original Italian)