Still No Coverage of E-Cat in Mainstream Media

It’s quite curious that while there are a number of people awaiting the upcoming E-Cat tests with great anticipation the vast majority of people in the world have not heard of an energy catalyzer or its inventor, Andrea Rossi.

In this day when news of trivial events can be sent all around the world in a flash and become almost instantly part of a global consciousness there seems to be a blind spot when it comes to what could be one of the most important stories of the century. Those who are aware of the E-Cat realize that if it turns out to be what its inventor and other witnesses claim, it could have a transforming effect on our world. Why then, with public testing only a few days away, do the most influential media organizations ignore the E-Cat?

Those who are following the story are reliant on a few less-than-prominent websites and blogs for information. Most large news publications have departments that focus on technological stories of importance, and it’s hard to conceive that none of them have heard of the E-Cat story. It’s possible that journalists, editors or publishers are ignoring the subject because they think the technology is impossible — but even in that case you’d think they could cover it from the angle of being a tale of terrific fraud. It’s not everyday that a lone inventor has respected university professors putting their reputation on the line by defending an impossible technology!

If coverage of the E-Cat remains in the realm of relatively obscure sites (like this one), it’s likely that knowledge of this discovery will remain ‘underground’ — and that could hinder proliferation of the E-Cat even if it were proven fully valid. The mainstream media plays a major role in bringing important information to light; media attention is going to be an important factor in hastening E-Cat adoption.

So what could finally get the media’s attention? Here are some possiblities:

1. One or more of the journalists invited by Rossi to a demo recognize that there is something remarkable going on and decide to write about it. (Rossi says he has invited top science journalists to witness a demo — we don’t know, however, if any will come)

2. One or more of the top scientists publicly state that they have seen something remarkable happening (We have heard some strong supportive statements from the likes of Levi, Kullander and Essen, but those haven’t seemed to have lit the internet alight)

3. Rossi’s secret American partner is revealed and it is a well-known and respected organization that is already taken seriously by the public, in industry and by the media.

4. Working E-Cats are available in the marketplace. This will probably be the most difficult thing for the media to ignore. If people start buying and using E-Cats in their businesses and homes journalists would certainly pick up on that story.

5. If there was an accident, financial scandal, major controversy or any other mishap. There’s nothing the medial likes better than bad news. As in the case of cold fusion in 1989, if something were to go terribly wrong, the media would likely start reporting; negative coverage would go a long way to burying the E-Cat

It doesn’t appear that Andrea Rossi is too worried about the current lack of attention. Right now his focus seems to be on getting the E-Cats to work in safe and stable conditions, but he surely must realize that eventually he will need media coverage because as with any enterprise, lack of attention will eventually put you out of business.