Invitation For Guest Posters on E-Cat World

I hope that this site is a useful resource for people interested in all things related to E-Cat technology, and I would like to provide as much useful content as possible here. There are many people with varied interests, knowledge and skills who are following the E-Cat story and I’d like to provide opportunities for those who are interested to share some of their thoughts with our readers. We’ve already had some interesting posts submitted by some of our readers.

So, if there are any readers who feel they would like to contribute to the discussion by authoring a post here, please let me know. I am open any reasonable, thoughtful article that pertains to the E-Cat in some way. On this site I am assuming that Andrea Rossi is not a fraudster and that there is something to this technology, therefore I don’t intend to post articles that are overly negative in their tone.

I am happy to have authors from other sites posting here, and you would be free to link back to your own sites. If you are interested in authoring a guest blog, please feel free to contact me .

Frank Acland