NyTeknik Publishes Detailed Report of the October 6th E-Cat Test in Bologna;

Swedish technology magazine NyTeknik has published their report of the October 6th, 2011 testing that took place in Bologna. It comes in two parts: a news story about the event, and a detailed report which covers many particulars and measurements of the test.

Some interesting points from the news report: Professor Roland Petterson of Uppsala University states, ““I’m convinced that this works, but there is still room for more measurements.” Also we learn that the 1 MW Plant that was supposed to be shipped to a customer in the USA had not been shipped by Rossi because of contractual terms that were unacceptable. The 1MW plant demo is still scheduled to take place; however, the location or customer is still unannounced.

The detailed report explains that the E-Cat ran in self-sustain mode for around three and a half hours and in this state Mats Lewan reports that,”output temperature inside the E-cat was stable about 114 degrees centigrade, and water could be felt boiling putting a hand on top of it. The external temperature was between 60 and 85 degrees centigrade.”