Rossi: Customer Will Determine Rules of October 28th 1MW E-Cat Test

Anticipation is growing and expectations are high for the announced test of Andrea Rossi’s 1 MW E-Cat plant in Bologna on October 28th — except it seems that the plant is not Andrea Rossi’s. Rossi has said that the plant belongs to the unidentified US customer who will be present at the test in Italy.

When asked recently whether he would be making a 24 hour test of the plant, Rossi replied, “The rules of this preliminary test will be decided by the Customer.”

This statement of course brings up the question of who this customer is, and how they might they be inclined to handle the unveiling of their new power plant. Will they be open, and want to show off the full capabilities of this new machine they have bought, or will they be more secretive and cautions?

Until there is an official announcement of who the mystery customer is, there is going to be speculation about their identity. In my opinion, the biggest clue that we have so far is that the URL redirects to the web site of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a world leading venture capital company based in Silicon Valley who are actively investing in green tech companies and entrepreneurs. Over the years KPCB have been instrumental in supporting major new innovators such as Amazon, Sun Microsystems, AOL and Google.

UPDATE: A Facebook comment from a representative of KPCB denied they were involved with Rossi, saying in response to a query:

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Thanks for reaching out! We’re not an investor, nor are we affiliated with this company in any business capacity. For more on our portfolio companies, you can check out the KPCB website at

We may not know for sure until the last minute who the customer is. Perhaps the mystery customer reads the suggestions for the upcoming tests that are sent to Rossi’s web site, or on some of the other online venues where people are discussing the E-Cat. Let’s hope they are willing to let the world see what this invention is fully capable of.

Frank Acland