Rossi vs. Defkalion in a Nutshell

For those who may not have noticed, in the background to the preparation and anticipation for the commercial launch of the E-Cat has been a not-so-private dispute between Andrea Rossi and Defkalion Green Technologies, the Greek company who were formerly in partnership with Rossi, and who were originally slated to launch the first 1 MW E-Cat plant.

There have been a number of public statements that have been made recently surrounding Rossi’s dealings with Defkalion, and it would probably be overkill to repost them all here, since they are available in many other places. Here is the essence of the dispute, as far as I am able to ascertain the facts.

1. Rossi and Defkalion had an agreement by which Defkalion would be licensed to produce E-Cat products exclusively in Greece and the Balkans. Defkalion announced a variety of products that would be available once they had production facilities in operation.

2. This summer, Rossi announced the termination of this license agreement as a result of not being paid an agreed upon amount by Defkalion. Rossi stated, and continues to state, that since there was no payment, he would not and had not provide Defkalion with his industrial secret — the details of how the E-Cat worked.

3. Defkalion responded by saying they were still going ahead with the development of their technology.

4. Following Rossi’s October 6th demonstration, Defkalion published a statement expressing surprise and confusion over Rossi using technology publicly in the demo that they say was confidentially designed by Defkalion and Rossi.

5. Christos Stremmenos Defkalion’s vice president and chief scientific officer, who was present at the Bologna demonstration, wrote a statement on Rossi’s website stating among other things that Defkalion had never received the crucial E-Cat invention from Rossi, and that they had violated their contract by entering into international agreements outside Greece and the Balkans.

6. Alexandros Xanthoulis, CEO of Defkalion responded with an open letter to Stremmenos in which he expressed dismay and surprise at Stemmenos’ statement and maintained Defkalion’s right to enter into international agreements outside Greece and the Balkans. He also said that Defkalion may need to proceed with their LENR business strategies alone or with alternative technologies.

Andrea Rossi has not said much in public over this disupute, but recently he posted a response to a comment on his web site in which he said:

“I, fortunately, have nothing to do with these people. They have made me lose one year’s time, bluffing. Enough is enough. I have to work. Be assured that they have nothing, I have not given them anything, they continue to do the only thing they can do: talking and bluffing. I will never return to this pathetic argument.
I respect, however, for the intellectual honesty of the only scientist they had, Prof. Stremmenos. For the rest … BUT do me a favor! [Note, this is an English translation of the original comment which was made in Italian]

Admittedly, that’s a big nutshell! But it’s an attempt to summarize the situation to those who may not have been following the details of the affair. As with any dispute, there are two sides; my purpose here is to try and summarize the positions. It is quite surprising to see arguments like this taking place in the public arena — this is the kind of activity one would expect to go on behind the scenes, between lawyers. To me, it really seems like background noise to the important topic at hand which is the launch of the E-Cat technology which is scheduled for only days away.