Christos Stremmenos on the E-Cat (Video)

Another video has been released by the mysterious web site. I say mysterious, because the site has no indication of who owns it, but it must be someone close to Rossi since the filmmakers were at the October 6th demo, and have access to some of the key people involved with it. Also, rather strangely, the site features only the most recent Youtube video that has been produced. To see previous videos, you have to go to the ecatdotcom Youtube channel.

This time it features Christos Stremmenos, former University of Bologna physics professor, former Greek Ambassador to Italy, and Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Defkalion Green Technologies (maybe that’s ‘former’ also, following some of the public comments Stremmenos has been making about Defkalion). In this video, Stremmenos is reflecting on the breakthrough that Andrea Rossi has been able to achieve, and what its significance is in the world of physics and to the world in genereral. Stemmenos remarks, “This is the first time we are able to use the energy that is usually made on the inside of the stars in a clean and cheap way.”