Rossi’s E-Cat Commercialization Plans Becoming Clearer

Andrea Rossi seems to have his sights set beyond the October 28th Test, and over the last few days has been making some comments about his plans to commercialize his E-Cat. He has always said that commercialization would begin in November, and we are getting a few more details about what to expect in that regard

According to Rossi’s latest remarks, the first products to go to market are going to be the 1 MW plants (or variants thereof) which will be suitable for industrial applications; initially it seems they will be used mainly for providing heat to factories.

Rossi has mentioned that he has been working on developing a small model of the E-Cat suitable for household heating, but says now that there are still “issues to be resolved” with this unit and that “it will be a matter of one year”.

When asked how many of the first 1 MW E-Cat he expected to sell during 2012, Rossi responded, “several tenths at least”. I originally interpreted this to mean that he could be making scaled-down versions of the 1 MW plant — ‘fractions’ of it, e.g. a 100 kW plant with only a few E-Cat in it. But thanks to a couple of astute readers I think I was wrong. Rossi most likely meant to say “several tens” of plants (understandable English error). If this is the case we could conceive that could be selling “at least” 40-100 of these E-Cat plants next year, which for a startup operation is quite impressive.

All this indicates that Rossi must have a robust production facility at his disposal ready to roll into action. He has talked in the past about outsourcing the manufacturing of E-Cat components, and if he is sell these units right away with some of these large units he must have sorted out production issues — and presumably obtained the necessary regulatory permissions to proceed.