NyTeknik Publishes Three Analyses of Oct 6th Test, New Pictures

A recent NyTeknik article contains theee new detailed analyses of Andrea Rossi’s October 6th E-Cat demonstration by Americans Horace Heffner, David Roberson and Bob Higgins. While each of them saw flaws in the way the test was set up and conducted they all seemed to see strong evidence of an unusual source of energy. Here are some excerpts of their conclusions.

Heffner: “This test incorporated many improvements over prior tests. However, as in the numerous prior demonstrations of the E-cats, we are left tantalized by a strong indication of possible excess energy, and disappointed that, with a little extra effort, high quality proof might have finally been at hand.

Roberson: “The long period of relatively constant heat production following deactivation of the E-cat main internal core heater suggests significant excess energy. Accurate determination of that energy cannot be established due to imperfections of the test setup.”

Higgins: ” Skeptics will insist the test was too short and lacked sufficient rigor to provide incontrovertible evidence of a nuclear reaction – they are correct. However, despite the test’s flaws (and considering the integrity of those involved), the data suggests that substantial excess energy (as heat) was produced . . , Critical error analysis of the experiment will continue; but the expectation is that errors will be unable to account for the large excess heat output.

Included in the article is also a slide show of high resolution close up photographs of the E-Cat tested and many of its internal components.