Strategies for Rapid E-Cat Proliferation: How Can Rossi Do It?

We looked yesterday what Andrea Rossi’s stated goals are regarding the proliferation of his E-Cat technology. He envisions that eventually a whole industry surrounding his E-Cat invention will be in place, with a manufacturing, distribution, servicing and reprocessing network to allow for the widespread use of his invention in the real world.

This is obviously a vast undertaking, and to be successful will require a great deal of money build the organization he envisions. So how does someone in Rossi’s position get from where he is now, to where he hopes to be?

We know that he wants to control his trade secret, and at least for right now it doesn’t appear that a worldwide patent is on the cards,  and so he is doing all he can to prevent the leaking of proprietary information.  We also know that while he has said in the future he may sell shares to the public, for the moment he is not seeking  outside funding.  Yesterday, in response to a question of when he would be selling stock he responded:

“As I always said, I want not to play foot-ball with the bones of People. My company at the moment is a warship in stormy weather, during a hard battle. To invest in it is premature. So far we just sell industrial plants of 1 MW and our Customers are financing us.”

The ‘football with bones’ saying is a bit unclear — perhaps he means that he doesn’t want people to risk money that could be lost — but the current strategy seems to be that he is counting on sales of the current industrial plants for the funds he needs to build his organization. At around 2 million Euros per plant he could get some much needed revenue if sales are good, but it is going to be enough to do what he hopes to do?

I don’t know if Rossi or any of his associates read this site, but I know that we have many readers here who are hoping for a quick and successful adoption of E-Cat technology in the real world. If you had any to give his team, what might that be?