To Put E-Cat Technology on the Map

While Andrea Rossi has stated that he hopes to be able to provide cheap, clean energy for the world, and in building a manufacturing base for E-Cat technology create many jobs, he finds himself having to work under significant constraints, in large measure because of the business model he has chosen to operate under.

Rossi is so carefully concealing his technological breakthrough that many observers believe he is hiding something with the intent to deceive the public. The recent public and semi-public demonstrations may have been convincing to some, but to others they have served only to solidify doubts about his claims — the main reason being that not enough scrutiny of the E-Cat has been allowed.

It seems clear that for now, at least, Rossi is not going to change his strategy for commercializing his invention. He is intent on protecting his trade secret and when it comes to selling his 1 MW plants, seems to be dealing only with customers whom he trusts to protect his secret. To magnify the cloud of secrecy, the first E-Cat customer has demanded anonymity and Rossi has obliged — and no other potential customer has stepped forward to publicly identify themselves. It’s all very murky.

So what could happen to change this situation, and provide the spark that could change public perception? Well, one potential customer recently made an interesting public proposal on Rossi’s JONP site:

“Dear Mr. Rossi,

We make GREEN detergents and are growing even in these dangerous economic times.

My company relies on GREEN technology and a GREEN aware customer base. Our customer distribution reaches all 50 states and several countries in Europe and the Far East

I have a mfg plant and warehouse to heat. Not only would your e-cat devices save me money, but the advertising value of our using your technology would greatly increase our sales and spread information about your company to many parts of the world.

We hope we can afford to get involved at this early stage of development.

Charlie Sutherland
Sutherland Products, Inc.
Mayodan, NC USA

So here is a potential customer who would welcome the publicity that would come from having an E-Cat heating plant at his factory. That publicity would help his own company as well as draw invaluable attention to what the E-Cat can do.

So long as Andrea Rossi, or his customers shrouds his technology in secrecy, there will be suspicion and skepticism about his claims. It seems obvious that a strategy like Charlie Sutherland proposes will have the effect of erasing many of the doubts that are out there, garner additional attention, and put the E-Cat as a product, and LENR technology in general firmly on the map, causing a surge in interest and acceptance of Rossi’s discovery that could be far-reaching.