Two European Web Sites Confirmed By Rossi as Legitimate Partners

For a number of weeks now the website has been posting videos filmed at the October 6th demonstration on Bologna, but the site’s relationship with Andrea Rossi has not been clear. Yesterday the site was updated significantly, and now appears to be a full service site dealing with E-Cat technology stating that it is “In Association with Andrea Rossi”.

The site includes sections on science, business, patents and products, and on the front page is a form which can be used by potential customers to get on a “non-binding” waiting list to purchase E-Cat products from Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation.

Curious to find out whether the site’s claims of association with Rossi were legitimate, I posted a question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics site about it. Rossi replied, “Yes, it is the website of our North Europe commercial Branch.”

There is a lot of information about E-Cat technology on the site, and a whole section which discusses the science of exothermic nuclear reactions which speculates on possible theories that could explain the E-Cat’s nuclear reaction. It appears this section is not the work of Rossi, but there is no author listed.

With Rossi mentioning that this site is from North Europe, I wonder if there is any connection between it and which is an organization that is apparently involved in Rossi’s technology which according to the site is based in the UK and Sweden.

Another organization has been identified by Rossi has an authorized seller of E-Cat products: TransAltech AG as a German language site offering E-Cats for sale. Andrea Rossi commented in response to a question about them, “Yes, they can sell in Switzerland our product.”

While new pieces of the E-Cat commercialization puzzle are emerging, it may be some time before any orders placed for E-Cat plants can be filled. When asked yesterday if any new reactors had been delivered, Rossi answered, “No, the plants are still in construction.”