Quick Poll of E-Cat World Readers

I thought it would be interesting to see what most readers of E-Cat World think of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology. We get some very interesting comments on the site, but only from a small percentage of visitors to the site. I’m wondering what the opinions of the silent majority of our readers are, so I have posted a poll on the right sidebar of the site to find out. There are five options: a) Rossi has discovered a useful new source of energy; b) he has discovered a new form of energy, but the effect is insignificantly small; c) he thinks he has what he says but is mistaken; d) he is a hoaxer/scammer; e) don’t know.

There may be other opinions out there which may not fit into any of the above categories — feel free to post any alternative theories in the comments section below.

Frank Acland