Independent E-Cat Replication Claimed

An independent E-Cat replication  has been claimed on, a site dedicated to building open source LENR reactors.

The claimant, known as Chan, reports on the materials and methods used in his process referred to as the Chan Formula.

He writes, “I have reached self sustained fusion at 200 C for days. If anyone duplicates my success, please communicate with me for possible cooperative venture. I have applied for a patent on this some time ago. I am proceeding to place a boiler is series with the oil line to power a small steam engine created from a compressed air engine kit using a basic gasoline engine.”

There’s no video, no photographs, no witnesses — so it’s impossible to verify if anything is going on here — but it’s interesting, and not surprising to see hobbyists as well as professionals getting involved in trying to replicate the reaction that Andrea Rossi has been claiming. Let’s hope people are being careful.