Massachusetts Senate Minority Leader to Host Andrea Rossi at MA State House

Daniele Passerini’s 22Passi web site is reporting that Massachusetts State Senate Minoriy Leader Bruce E. Tarr is going to be hosting Andrea Rossi for meetings with Massachusetts government leaders and MIT officials.

Passerini writes:

“According to Sen. Bruce Tarr, Andrea Rossi, “the Italian scientist who claims to have developed the world’s first nuclear cold fusion reactor is coming to the State House tomorrow to explore the prospects of developing the device and producing it in Massachusetts.” Tarr’s office says Rossi plans to visit Tuesday morning for two days of meeting with government officials and representatives of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Massachusetts and Northeastern University. “Mr. Rossi’s reactor, if successfully proven and developed, has the potential to change the way the world deals with energy,” Tarr said in a statement.”

Rossi has said that he plans to have business operations in Boston, MA, and so it would be likely that Rossi will be having discussions about manufacturing facilities and/or other business operations. It’s interesting that MIT officials are mentioned since Rossi has shown no interest in dealing with people from the academic world beyond his trusted associates in Italy and Sweden.