Hydrofusion 1 MW E-Cat Sales Brochure

Hydrofusion, the UK-based company which has been given the rights by Leonardo Corporation to resell E-Cat products in Northern Europe has published a sales brochure marketing the 1 MW E-Cat plant. It provides an overview of the 1 MW plant and quotes from Swedish professors Essen and Kullander who have made public comments about E-Cat technology. The document also contains quotes from NASA Chief Scientist, Dennis Bushnell, about the potential of LENR power, but from the context of the quote it could appear that he has endorsed the E-Cat, which he has not.

The document says of the E-Cat, “Power density in the small reactor reaches a full 100 kW/l. The energy density is so high that the E-Cat modules only needs to be loaded two times a year. On these occasions, the overall management of the reaction products and the residual products is managed by certified service personnel.”

A pdf file of the brochure can be viewed here