Rossi: Electrical Production “Very Close”, Deal Signed to Make it Happen

News out of the Andrea Rossi camp has been relatively quiet of late. The flurry of activity surrounding the October demonstrations has died down, but it appears that Rossi is not relaxing in his efforts to move his technology forward and bring it into the commercial realm. One of his stated goals is to have E-Cats be able to provide electrical power as well as heat, and he has recently reported progress in this regard.

A recent remark on his Journal of Nuclear Physics Site indicates that Rossi is getting even closer to being able to make electricity efficiently:

Q: Are you going to use the first 1MW plant for producing electrical power? If yes, have you redesigned the plant’s layout?

A: no. We are not yet ready to produce electric power, even if we are very close. I want also to say that an agreement we reached yesterday will accelerate this development.

So a frank but encouraging response from Rossi. It is interesting that he is making agreements with outside entities — this would seem to be highly necessary thing for him to do if he is going to be able to expand as rapidly as he hopes. Looking forward to more details!