What Can You Do To Help LENR Succeed?

I received the following from an E-Cat World reader today and it is reposted with permission.

My name is Rui Ribeiro, I post as “racribeiro”. I have been following E-Cat World for two months now and use it as my major news website about this subject. I started as a skeptic, but now I’m really conviced that LENR exists. I’m not so sure that E-Cat or Hyperion are ready for market, but there are good chances that they are.

My main concern is about not letting this go to oblivion. This and other websites are great but, unless the information about this technology reaches the masses there will be always a chance of concealing and blocking it. So… what do we need? We need social networking at is best. We need for the thousands of people that visit this site to start doing “their thing” and push the information on social networks and making direct contacts with the right persons.

So… what have you done for LENR today?

* have you posted a link on your Facebook page?
* have you sent a link to your journalist friend?
* have you posted a link on a mass media TV/radio program?
* have you sent a link to your physics professor?
* have you sent a link to your mayor?
* have you sent a link to your science/innovation/economics minister?
* have you sent a link to your prime minister?
* have you sent a link to your president?

(only send this e-mail to people that you have a personal bi-direction relationship with)

By dessiminating, at least, the doubt about LENR we all, as a community, will be raising the awareness of people about it. Lets force polititians to make a move!
The problem now is “the link”. I believe that here, on E-Cat World, you should provide brief web page that will take 1 minute long to read with the major references to the LENR effect: the NASA links, the “60 minutes” video, and Rossi videos. It should be clear, unbiased and written in such way that people will who may be inclined to be skeptical will give it the benefit of the doubt and repost this on-line.

On my part I’ve done my homework. Every day I post something about LENR on Facebook (my friends now know that it exists!), I’ve made some contacts with a national TV journalist and aa high graded physics professor. I’m going to use my personal credibility with them to make them pay attention to this. Once you get the attention of guys like these, they will go on and push others…

Rui Ribeiro