Jed Rothwell Reports Cold Fusion Research Shut Down at the US Navy’s SPAWAR Program

According to Jed Rothwell, cold fusion researcher and owner of the website the US Navy has closed down cold fusion research at its Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command.

Rothwell believes that recent media attention surrounding cold fusion is the likely cause of the closure of the program. He writes, “The people in charge of the Navy and the DoE know nothing about cold fusion, and they do not care about it. When they get letters from scientists or members of the public saying “someone in your organization is committing fraud” they do not ask questions. They close it down, whatever it is. Their main concern is their public image with the taxpayers. The
last thing they need is to be accused of countenancing academic fraud or crazy research.”

This is of particular interest here because according to Andrea Rossi, representatives of SPAWAR were present at his October 2nd E-Cat demonstration on Bologna. Whether they had any connection with the mystery military customer who bought the first 1 MW E-Cat plant is of course unknown.

For a little perspective on the Navy’s involvement in cold fusion research, SPAWAR held a conference in 2009 in which they reported on research done in the cold fusion/LENR field, the proceedings of which can be viewed below.