On the Hunt For The Catalyst: Open Catalyst Crowd Project Forms to Advance Cold Fusion

Here is an interesting announcement that was posted on the Vortex-l list from Dutch physicist Bastiaan Bergman who has just launched a crowd-based cold fusion/LENR project.

I’m excited to announce our newly formed non-profit organization to
the advancement of cold fusion.

We are planning an open catalyst project geared towards finding the
secret catalyst needed to achieve nuclear fusion in the solid state.
The plan is to use the power of the crowd to search and try the many
different possibilities in a highly paralleled and fast way. By
installing many many reactor-calorimeters in labs of participating
scientist all over the world and by sharing all data in a structured
way we envision an enormous advantage compared to the individual

For this purpose I designed a special reactor-calorimeter called the
*Peer Pressure*, it is a simple reactor with extended data logging and
autonomous Internet connectivity. Individual scientists can purchase a
reactor, hook it up directly to the Internet through its TCP/IP
connection, start testing materials and share results. The reactor is
designed with a minimum of presumptions about the detailed working of
cold fusion reactions and providing maximum versatility for the

Please have a look at the Peer Pressure and let me know what you think
of it, can you use it? Suggestions for improvement?

http ://www.fusioncatalyst.org/open-catalyst/peer-pressure/