Defkalion Opens Doors to “Independent Expert”

Jed Rothwell, writing on Vortex-l reports of communication he has had with an “independent expert” (who for now wishes to remain anonymous) about a lengthy visit made to Defkalion Green Technology’s premises in Greece to look at progress made on DGT’s Hyperion products.

Rothwell’s contact was able to spend several days with Defkalion in which they examined machines and discuessed business plans. Rothwell summarizes the visitor’s impressions as follows:

The engineering and business operations at Defkalion are highly promising. These people are highly professional.

Their science and engineering are first rate. Their laboratory equipment is first rate.

Their upcoming products are revolutionary. They are the best LENR implementations ever produced. The expert says the prototype products are
consistent with the specifications described in the web site.

No tests were done by this observer. This is what engineers call a “site visit” in anticipation of doing a test.

One of the criticisms people have been making about Defkalion is that despite revealing a lot of information about their products, they have not been open in allowing third parties to examine their work. It appears that they are trying to be more transparent now; in addition to this visit, they have issued invitations on the forum on their website for interested parties to contact them about setting up a site visit.

Of course the one thing that people are really interested in has not been forthcoming yet — a demonstration of one of their Hyperion products in action. According to this report, however, that may be forthcoming.