Rossi’s Goal For 2012: 1 Million Units, Kill Competition

Writing after midnight on Christmas Eve, Andrea Rossi made an interesting comment regarding the current and future state of E-Cat technology. Since the October 28th demonstration, there has been little public activity from Leonardo Corporation, and understandably people are curious about what he has been up to. Here’s what Rossi says.

“In this period we did not talk too much and we did not give substantial news, but we worked tremendously on the business side and now I can say we have the Partners who will allow us to produce sooner than expected the 10 kW E-Cats at a price that will kill the Copy-Cats of the competitors. The first generation will produce heat, and will be able to be retrofitted to produce also electricity when we will be ready for it.”

Rossi does not name the “copy-cat” competitors — does he mean Defkalion? If so, it would be the first time that he has acknowledged that they may actually possess a working LENR technology. There are other competitors out there as well, and it seems that a priority for Rossi and Leonardo has been to get partnerships in place that will allow them to stay at the front of the cold fusion pack. Yesterday Rossi restated this priority when asked when the E-Cat would go to market. (Presumably the questioner meant the small home-based units). Rossi replied:

I hope within 2012. We must have a production of 1 million pieces immediately, to put the price at a level to reach these strategic targets:
1- allow everybody to buy it
2- kill the competition

I’m sure that Rossi’s competitors will be thinking along similar lines — and the beauty of competition is that it spurs ingenuity and pushes prices lower so the consumer is the ultimate beneficiary. At this point it is hard to imagine 1 million working E-Cat devices in the marketplace within twelve months, especially with patent approval and safety certification required — a huge network of R&D, manufacturing, distribution and support would need to be in place in order for that to happen. Perhaps that is exactly what Rossi has been organizing.