How Would Your Life Change With an E-Cat at Home?

As we look forward to the possibility of the availability of home-based E-Cat units providing heat/air conditioning (1st generation) and later electricity, I thought it might be interesting to picture what that would mean on a practical level for readers of this site. What differences would a new power source in your home make? Also, you might think of immediate consequences this might have.

Here are some short term examples that I can think of for myself, if I had just the first generation E-Cat unit at home (heat and air conditioning). Also I’ve thought of some of the knock-on effects.

1. We wouldn’t need need to store firewood, and I wouldn’t need to worry about having the chimney for my wood stove cleaned. This would be bad news for the people in the area who sell firewood and who clean chimneys. This would also mean that chainsaw manufacturers, dealers and saw sharpeners would probably take a hit. What would people do with all the wood from dead and fallen trees?

2. We wouldn’t have to pay for delivery of propane gas to my home a few times each year — this would be a big relief for me, since average propane prices are $2.86 per gallon at the moment, and we probably go through around 1000 gallons per year. Would this put the propane distribution and delivery people out of business? Or would the price go down that it might still be competitive. I wonder if the agricultural sector would move quickly over to E-Cat — there is lots of heat used in my part of the world for the drying of grain in huge silos.

3. We wouldn’t need to turn on electric heaters at home in the winter and our summer electricity bill would be much cheaper if air conditioning were provided by the E-Cat units. Could be hard on the HVAC suppliers — although they might be very busy helping to install new E-Cat units throughout the area.

4. Would I need to work as much? Would I want to pick up on part time work opportunities that come up from time to time? A reduction in energy costs would mean a lot of financial relief at home. Maybe we could afford to travel a bit more — or perhaps buy a few more items for the home that we have been putting off for a long time like new carpet, or some new furniture. That would be good news for the local dealer that sell furniture and carpet.

As we multiply this “E-Cat effect” we can start to see that there could be some major changes coming along. The examples above are very short term immediate effects I can think of — over time the changes could be much more dramatic.

How might your life change, and what effects might that have?