An Energy Hope Was Kindled in 2011 — May It Grow in 2012

When I first hear about the Rossi-Focardi energy catalyzer I was underwhelmed. For some reason the main thing that stood out to me was hearing about Rossi’s past scrapes with the law, and I wondered if he might be some kind of charlatan.

It was only after some discussion with some friends and studying the reports and video of the January 15th press conference/demonstration that I began to change my mind. I didn’t find something that smelled like a scam — we seemed to have rational and serious people putting forward evidence of something very unusual. As the year went on, and I looked more into the E-Cat story — especially following the various demonstrations and reports from Levi, Kullander, Essen and Lewan, I became convinced that Andrea Rossi’s invention was indeed based on some kind of nuclear reaction.

It appears that I am not alone in my conclusions — there seems to be a small but growing number number of observers and researchers who are also convinced that Rossi’s E-Cat is a breakthrough technology that has the potential to revolutionize energy production throughout the world.

2011 has been an interesting and exciting year — one that has kindled a hope for many that we may be at the dawn of a new technological age. As 2012 begins, I am hoping that we will see more progress from Andrea Rossi and Leonardo Corporation, and that other scientists and industrialists will start taking the field of cold fusion/LENR seriously enough to help develop this fledgling technology.

Rossi seems determined to stay ahead of the pack of competitors, but the winners and losers in the commercialization of cold fusion/LENR are yet to be determined. Whoever it may be, let’s hope that they produce technology that will help solve the many serious energy problems that we face, and bring a higher quality of life and standard of living to people all around the world.

Happy New Year to all E-Cat World readers!

Frank Acland