Rossi: Sales of Small E-Cats Will Begin in Autumn of 2012

In an article reviewing new energy technologies of 2011, Sterling Allan of PESN provides a quote from Andrea Rossi regarding the sales of the 10 kW E-Cat units intended for domestic use. Rossi tells Allan,

We will start in Autumn the sale of the domestic E-Cat. We are organizing the production of 1 million pcs, to make a price enough low to allow to anybody to buy it….

Had I accepted to enter the trap of the validations, all would have been stopped by a horde of wannabe competitors.

By the way, making 1 million pcs and very low prices, the reverse engineering becomes a hobby, like to make yourself your car or your computer. The third-party-validators will party toying themselves with the E-Cat they will buy. Yes, We Cat!

Rossi’s steadfast insistence that no independent third party validation of his technology has been motivated by his determination to maintain a competitive advantage in the LENR industry. There is a case to be made that independent testing could be carried out without giving away any of his secretes, but Rossi has not been convinced that this is the case. He has said repeatedly that he considers people who offer to test and validate the E-Cat as potential competitors, capable of stealing his ideas.

If Rossi can put these small E-Cats on the market by this Autumn without anyone else being able to come close to matching him in product availability and price, Rossi will have pulled off a significant feat which would be hard to overcome, especially if he keeps his “we will not be undersold” pledge. One should not, however, underestimate the technical and commercial (and maybe legal) ingenuity of potential competitors — a field as new and enticing as LENR, once widely recognized as legitimate will likely see a gold rush type frenzy in which all kinds of attempts will be made to capture portions of the new market.