Defkalion States Market Entry In 2012 With Scalable Hyperions Up to 5 MW

In a New Years Day post on their forum, Defkalion Green Technologies revealed some more details about their plans for the launch of their Hyperion reactors.

The 45kW multi-reactor Hyperion’s geometry and functionality allow us to fit 115 rack mounted of such units within a 20ft typical cargo container, leaving enough space for the heat management systems and the external heat exchangers as well as the room needed for inspection/maintenance/recharge. That is a 5175 kW (thermal) unit scalable from 5kW to 5,175MW* for industrial applications, not a one-megawatt device.

The range of the MW Hyperion products will appear in the Greek market first, following the 45kW Hyperion licence and entry in the market within 2012.

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(*) arithmetic notation following the European/Greek system. 5,175 MW is 5MW and 175kW.

DGT seem eager to show that the company has a product that will far surpass in power density and output the 1 MW unit that Andrea Rossi is marketing that fits inside a similar-sized shipping container. They, like Rossi, are looking at entry into the market in 2012 following approval of product license which could set up an interesting competitive situation.

It should be noted, however, that unlike Rossi’s E-Cat, we have yet to see any video of a Hyperion device in action, or a report from a third party that has seen or tested a working Hyperion which leaves open the possibility that despite their claims, DGT may not be as far along in product development as Rossi — and indeed that they may not yet have a working product. Until there is more in the way of confirming evidence there will still be some question marks, for some people at least, regarding Defkalion’s public pronouncements.