Mark Gibbs of Forbes Wants to Hear From Believers in the E-Cat

Mark Gibbs has posted a number of times about the E-Cat on the Forbes web site. He comes across as an open-minded skeptic — not yet accepting the E-Cat as valid technology, but open to the possibility of it being the real deal. He keeps revisiting the topic, recognizing that there is the chance that Andrea Rossi’s technology has the potential to change everything if it turns out to be what Rossi says it is.

His latest article shows that a poll of Forbes readers is split roughly evenly between believers and non-believers in the E-Cat. (44 per cent believing, 42 per cent disbelieving, and 14 per cent saying, don’t know). Gibbs says he understands why people don’t believe, — but he seems genuinely surprised that there are so many people who categorically believe in the E-Cat:

But how do we account for those who so firmly believe the E-Cat is real? Is the basis of their belief that they just want the E-Cat to be real? Is it that they believe that the E-Cat works on unknown physics?

So, tell me: If you voted “yes”, what is the basis of your belief?

Since he asks, maybe some of our readers who do believe could respond to Gibbs’ request.

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