Clarification from Rossi About E-Cat Production — Robotized Factory Now Being Prepared

Andrea Rossi has posted a comment on his JONP which clarifies the scope and schedule of the production of E-Cats

Andrea Rossi
January 10th, 2012 at 4:05 PM

Dear Keith W:
We are making the certification .
Attention: I did not say that we will begin to deliver in August, I said we can be ready to make order confirmations in Autumn; we are right now making the engineerization of the factory ( the production will be completely robotized to squeeze down the price as much as possible) and, even if we will be very good, the first deliveries will start perhaps within the year, but I cannot promise it; I can say that the price will be lower than expected and that it will be a revolution. We are making a tremendous work with top level Partners.
Warm Regards,

Interesting points that stand out to me are:

1. Order confirmations will be made in the Autumn — this will mean that those who have made pre-orders will need to send some money.

2. Robotized factory will ensure the lowest possible price — the factory is being prepared as we speak.

3. First deliveries possible this year, but not promised.

4. “Top level partners” involved. We know about National Instruments — who else?

5. Revolution predicted by Rossi!