Rossi Admits NASA is a Competitor, Predicts Victory Like David vs. Goliath

Andrea Rossi has made some comments regarding the revelation that NASA is involved in LENR research. Rossi was asked on his JONP site to comment on the video that NASA released discussing its LENR work. He responded:

The fact that NASA is trying to copy my work honours me. But their theory is wrong. We will beat them, as well as all the other Competitors with our E-Cats: the E-Cats will have a too low price to allow NASA or anybody else to compete with us. They are Goliath, very big and strong, we are David.

When asked if NASA’s research into LENR was a vindication of his own work Rossi replied:

his is not confirmation, nor vindication: this is copyation. But the original is much better. In any case, these are real Competitors, not clowns with a mock up, like others around.

Rossi is not ceding any ground to NASA, but seems to respect their work, and sees them as a worthy competitor. Rossi has said that he believes he has a sure theory about what is happening in the reactor, but for competitive reasons has not yet disclosed it. The NASA video seems to show that they are siding with the Widom-Larsen LENR theory as they mention neutron decay, something that his held by Widom and Larsen. Rossi has said in the past that what happens in his reaction has nothing to do with Widom-Larsen — but he hasn’t yet says what he believes is happening.

It’s interesting how Joseph Zawodny of NASA mentions a home-based energy producing unit in the video doing exactly what Rossi is planning to do with his E-Cats. Since NASA is a US government agency it’s hard to see that they would be able to enter into the marketplace and offer products that would directly compete with Rossi — but they could partner with commercial organizations and provide them with the technology and expertise that would allow them to offer similar products to the E-Cat. As in any industry, competition stimulates companies to improve products and services and usually drives down prices — so having another player on the scene should ultimately help the consumer.

Frank Acland