Andrea Rossi Talks of E-Cat Surprises

In some recent comments on his JONP website, Andrea Rossi mentions that he aims to surprise with the E-Cat. Some of the recent pieces of information that he has imparted are have been fascinating and it seems to be Rossi’s intention to spark and maintain the interest of E-Cat followers by providing interesting details. As more people pay attention, more questions are posted on his blog, and this has led to a few new surprises. Just yesterday he provided a few more details about the E-Cat that certainly got my attention.

  • The fuel refills for the E-Cat will cost only “a few dollars”. Some have speculated that these refills would be the real expense of the E-Cat — like printer ink cartridges are when you have a printer.
  • The decision to allow customers to change their own refills is based on the philosophy that “the Customer must be the sovereign of the E-Cat.” This sounds like Leonardo Corporation will not be taking a ‘Big Brother’ approach position where all E-Cat usage is monitored from a central location.
  • Battery backup to provide the input power required to run the E-Cat is possible.
  • “The dimensions have been revolutionized recently. The E-Cat will be very small. Let me conserve it as a surprise.”

Not only is the product remarkable, but the way that Rossi is intending to commercialize the thing is very unorthodox. The conventional business approach is to sell new and disruptive products at high profit margins — especially when there is no competitor in the marketplace, thereby maximizing profits. Rossi said recently “We are working on the industrialization and decided a product phylosophy that will surprise everybody.” It really doesn’t sound like profits and financial success is what is motivating Rossi. He sounds like a genuine revolutionary — one who puts the revolution ahead of his own personal interests.  Such a person would be considered by many a hero.