In New Video Rossi Discusses E-Cat Models and Revolution

The Swedish website has just released a video of Andrea Rossi taken on January 12th in Bologna, Italy in which he talks about his E-Cat production plans. There is not much in this video that he has not said before, but he emphasizes once again that the plans to launch a revolution with the domestic E-Cat, and that in order for a revolution to be successful, it needs to be popular — i.e. it must be priced low enough so that everyone can afford to purchase the technology.

The video shows a 1 MW plant in the Bologna factory, and observant viewers of the video have noted that this looks very like the plant that was tested by Domenico Fioravanti on October 28th. A reader on Rossi’s JONP site asked him if this was the same plant and Rossi replied saying, “Yes, it is the same: we are still working on it with National Instruments and with the Customer. It will take another month before it will be ready.”

Rossi also has stated that the assumption that the 1 MW plant had left the factory and been delivered to the customer is wrong. “I never said that the 1 MW E-Cat has been already delivered to the Customer, probably it has been a misunderstanding due to not precise translation. As I repeatedly said, the 1 MW E-Cat is still in our Bologna Factory to complete the control system upgrading we are making with National Instruments and to make modifications asked from the Customer. The plant will be delivered in the next 1, maximum 2 months.”