A Note on E-Cat World Moderation

The purpose of E-Cat World is to provide news, information, comment and analysis about Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology. As most people can tell this site is supportive of Andrea Rossi’s work. As I have said before, I am satisfied by the evidence that we have been show so far that Rossi has made a tremendous step forward in terms of energy production with his invention, and that the E-Cat has the potential to be a groundbreaking invention that could be of great benefit to the world.

That said, I am certainly aware that to many, my position on the E-Cat is controversial, and that there are people who take a different position regarding the technology. I understand that there has not been enough evidence presented so far to convince many people that Rossi’s claims are legitimate, and like everyone else I look forward to more detailed demonstration of the technology in the future.

I have tried to moderate comments on this site with a light touch. If someone is going to disagree with me of any other poster, I am not going to ban that poster, or delete posts. I have no problem with civilized debate. Where I do draw the line is when people get personally insulting to other posters, or even to Rossi himself. It’s very possible to disagree with someone in a reasonable way. I don’t want to have a web site that is filled with insults, personal attacks, mockery or sarcasm — from people on any side of the debate. If people can be reasonable and mature in their discussion, posts and posters will be left alone. If things, in my opinion, cross the line from mature debate to meanness and nastiness, then I’ll start moderating.

Thanks to all who provide informative and interesting contributions here!

Frank Acland