“Chan” Announces E-Cat Alternative

Last November a poster on the Buildecat.com site announced that a poster going by the name of Chan was working on building an E-Cat-like reactor, and went as far as to post the Chan Formula on that site. Since then, Chan has been rather quiet — until now.

I just received an email from Chan who provided me simply with a link to a site called Chan Fusion Power which provides very brief details about the design of the reactor that he is working on.

Key facts given so far are:

  • 10 MW plant inside a steel shipping container
  • Reactor core is a steel container filled with oil electrically heated to 100 C.
  • 1000 10 kW cartridges housed inside the container
  • Ambient temperature water is heated to 100 C via heat exchange design in reactor
  • RFG input maintains heat of oil after electical input
  • Cost for the reactor will be $100,000

Chan states that, “All progress will be reported on this web site. I am too busy to waste time on communications and certainly do not need publicity. This site is simply an announcement of an alternative for those planning on using low quality heat on a very large scale.”

There’s no other information to evaluate this announcement by, but I know there has been some interest in this project — if nothing else it shows that some people are taking Andrea Rossi’s claims seriously enough to try and emulate and surpass the E-Cat.