Rossi: 50,000+ Pre-Orders for E-Cats Received: Predicts Worldwide Shipments Within 18 Months

People reading Andrea Rossi’s Journal of Nuclear Physics blog see that people regularly write posts pre-ordering the domestic E-Cats that Rossi has announced. Today Rossi made the following statement regarding the status of this product:

Dear Christian Bistriceanu:
Your pre-order has been accepted. By the way: so far we received about 50,000 pre-orders and counting, which is not bad, for a product that has still to be described in details. Our 10,000 target has been burnt rapidly.
The E-Cat will be offered in details by tis Autumn and the shipments will start probably within the next winter, if we will have not delays for unforeseen problems. Surely we will start the shipments within 18 months from now.
You will be free to buy it wherever you want and send it wherever you want. You will be also able to buy it in Internet and we will provide you all the assistance you need.
Warm Regards,

Rossi has said he is hoping for an initial product run of 1 million E-Cat units, and perhaps he is hoping for 1 million pre-orders. There is no indication if before the launch there will be any further demonstration or validation of the product. Nor has he mentioned anything regarding a warranty or a money-back guarantee on the domestic E-Cat all of which I would imagine would make a large difference to the number of orders that will be placed. One would expect that those would be an important part of any marketing and advertising campaign — if Leonardo Corporation is planning on that.