Defkalion Invites Organizations to Perform Tests on Hyperion Reactors

Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies issues a press release today inviting “internationally recognized and reputable scientific and business organizations” to conduct tests on PDGT’s “bare” Hyperion reactors.

The press release outlines the types of tests that invitees will be permitted to carry out along with test methodologies and measurements. The tests will center around measurements of excess heat, amount radiation produced, overall COP (energy in vs. energy out), and reactor stability. PDGT states that they expect that a COP in excess of 20 will be measured. Those carrying out tests will be free to publish reports of their findings in any venue they choose, including on Defkalion’s website. The release states that independent tests have already been scheduled, and now more evaluators are invited to participate.

It’s interesting to see that Defkalion, Andrea Rossi’s erstwhile partner, is reaching out to the scientific and business community in a way that many people would like to see Rossi emulate. We still, however, have yet to hear from any third party that has witnessed a working Hyperion reactor — it will be very interesting to finally get some first-hand reports of Defkalion’s technology.