Why Is Rossi’s Bologna Factory So Cold?

Someone asked Rossi a question that probably has crossed a lot of E-Cat watchers’ minds. The recent videos of Rossi in his Bologna factory show him sitting inside in a heavy overcoat with heat producing machines surrounding him. We have heard Rossi and Focardi say that in the past they were able to heat their premises with E-Cat power — why should there be a cold building then?

Today a reader asked this question: “In your last video interview in a warehouse…you are seated and to your left is a vertical heater with a diffusion cap for heating the space. If, as you say, there are ecats heating your home as well as others as test devices, why are there not Ecats heating this warehouse as well?”

Rossi responded:

Good question. As a matter of fact, we use the Bologna Laboratory only for experiments and tests, not every day but only now and again. When we open the laboratory after some day of closure of the same, in this season it is very cold (between 2 and 5 Celsius degrees). The Laboratory has a surface of 1000 square meters ( about 10000 sq. ft.) and a height of 6 m ( about 18 ft) for a total volume of 6000 cubic meters. To heat a 6000 cubic meters room from 3 Celsius degrees ( the temperature of Bologna on the morning of that day) to a temperature of at least 15 Celsius degrees with a 10 kW heater like the E-Cat takes many hours, so we needed the help of additional heaters. The E-Cats we test 24 hours per day are installed in rooms that are used in continuous, not now and again.

Its interesting that he mentions almost in passing that he has test E-Cats running 24 hours a day — something one would expect if he was planning on selling heaters in the near future. There has been some speculation that he is only able to maintain his reaction for a few hours at a time. Of course, his comment above won’t convince skeptics that he has what he claims, but it was not intended to do that. It seems like a straightforward response to an honest question.