Daniele Passerini Launches MIG-22 Initiative to Send Testers To Defkalion

Daniele Passerini, E-Cat follower and owner of the 22 Passi web site is helping launch an initiative titled Operation MiG-22 (Mission in Greece) in which funds are being raised to send two people to Greece to participate in the testing of Defkalion Green Technologies’ Hyperion reactors.

According to Passerini, 800 Euros have already been raised for the project and a request has been sent to Defkalion for permission to participate in testing. A meeting about this initiative has been scheduled in Rome on February 18th for people who want to be involved in the project.

Passerini has asked professor Francesco Celani, physicist with the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics to participate in the MiG-22 initiative, and he has indicated that he would try to establish appropriate testing criteria. Celani has expressed doubts about the usefulness of the types of testing that Defkalion has proposed. At this point, however, it’s not clear if he would be willing to travel to Greece to do the testing.

There’s no indication yet on what DGT’s response will be to this initiative. It’s possible the proposal may be turned down, since it is rather an ad hoc group that is being formed, and DGT’s invitation was to serious professional organizations.