Rossi Now States that 10 kW E-Cat Will Cost Between $600 and $800

We’ve had a few different estimates from Andrea Rossi on the cost of his technology. Last year he predicted a 10 kW E-Cat would cost between $1000 and $1500; more recently he has said that he hoped it could be as low as $400-500 per unit. The latest cost estimate is now somewhere in the middle of that range.

A reader today made the following assumptions that the E-Cat:

1. can be integrated into a existing home heating system
2. has an optional cooling/air-conditioning system
3. could also be expanded with a electricity generating system when this comes available
4. has now the possibility to generate hot water on demand directly or can heat a (+200 liter) boiler
5. the E-Cat is not very big and can be placed anywhere in your house, as long as there is running water, electricity and the possibility to ventilate
6. needs reactor replacement every 6 months or 180 days
7. can be used for desalination
8. is safe, does not omit CO2 and/or radiation and has no other waste
9. costs only around U.S. $500.— for a 10kw E-Cat and around $10.— for a refill of the charge which van be recycled

Rossi’s only correction to this list was, “The price will be between 600 and 800 US$.”

In a post shortly after this one, Rossi stated, “Yes, you can pre-order an E-Cat. You will be put in the waiting list and in Autumn you will receive a precise offer: at that point you will be free to cancel the order or confirm it. The price will be between 500 and 700 Euro, without optionals. The electricity will not be available for the first 1-2 years. The deliveries could start within one year (could, not will).”

There was no explanation what the “optionals” might be — perhaps air conditioning will be a possible add-on. Rossi is still hedging on when the units will be available for purchase. It would not be surprising to me if it takes longer than a year for these first E-Cats to hit the market. A pioneering project of this nature is bound to be highly complex, and unforseen problems will surely arise. But if heaters as Rossi describes eventually become available at the price he quotes, there will surely be many people who won’t mind waiting.