The Dawn of the Energy Age — Article on LENR

Mark J Belanger, a columnist writing for South Coast Today, a local magazine based in New Bedford, Masssachusetts writes a comprehensive article about LENR in general, and Rossi’s E-Cat in particular. He takes the view that LENR’s time has come and that Rossi’s and others’ devices (mentions Defkalion, NASA also) will totally transform the energy industry. Belanger’s outlook for the current energy industry is bleak. He sees LENR taking the place of every other form of energy in his geographical region within a short period of time.

Within five years, the number of gas customers for the Middleboro Gas & Electric Department will start to plummet. Within 10 to 15 years, there won’t be a single customer remaining for either gas or electric. The year 2012 will be looked at by future historians as the dawn of a new age of man – The Energy Age. This will happen because of widespread adoption of a new power source that will provide heat, cooling and electricity for your house for less than $100 per year. It will produce no waste of any kind: No radiation, no greenhouse gases, not even ash. It will replace oil, gas, and coal power plants as well as solar panels and windmills.

Belanger’s perspective is not new. Like many others, he paints a rosy scenario — who would not want cheap, clean and abundant energy? However when you start to think of the implications of change on the rapid scale he expects, you wonder what the implications would be for the world will be. For example, right now the natural gas industry is booming. Many projections In the United States, and many people are working for a US energy infrastructure around natural gas (e.g. the Pickens Plan) Russia comes to mind also — the primary supplier of natural gas to much of Europe and Asia. If LENR replaces gas as the primary form of domestic and industrial heat, there would be huge economic and political disruptions that are very difficult to predict.

It’s interesting to find such a thorough treatment of LENR in a publication that is not directed towards the scientific or academic community — is a local news and community site for people living in southern Massachusetts. Another sign, perhaps, that the topic of LENR may begin to be a part of the national and international conversation.

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