Dick Smith Offers Rossi $1 Million to Repeat March 2011 E-Cat Test and Prove LENR

A letter from Australian Entrepreneur Dick Smith to Andrea Rossi has just been posted on New Energy Times. Smith is asking Rossi to “repeat the March 29, 2011 demonstration purported to show that your E-CAT unit had an output power of many times the input power through LENR (low energy nuclear reactions).” He says that he is happy for Swedish physicists Sven Kullander and Hanno Essen (who witnessed the March demo) to be the “sole judges” of the test.

Smith states that if the demonstration can successfully prove a ratio of 8:1 energy in/out over a course of five hours, he will be happy hand over $1 million to Rossi. It will be interesting to see how, or if Rossi responds to this enticing offer.